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​Our purpose at Mangawhai Matters is to:

  • Safeguard the future of Mangawhai and its coastal town character.

  • Protect and enhance the unique nature of the ecological and social environments of Mangawhai.

  • Provide a forum where the community can identify, discuss, and deal with local issues and concerns.

  • Ensure that rates in the Mangawhai area are fair, reasonable, and spent transparently.

  • Provide an informed voice to the public and to local and regional bodies to ensure the Mangawhai community views are heard and reflected in policies that affect the area.

You can find information on our latest work, including the Sustainable Mangawhai project, on our projects page. 

In 2021, we conducted a survey to identify what residents and visitors value most about our community. Two aspects stood out, which were our natural environment; the beautiful beaches, harbour, and coastal walks, and our friendly, laid-back community spirit. 

You can read the survey in full here

Above all else, this is what Mangawhai values most. Our role at Mangawhai Matters is to ensure that future changes align with those values. 


Our Committee is as follows:


  • Doug Lloyd 


  • Vern Dark


  • Peter Nicholas 

Committee Members:

  • Colin Leach

  • Joel Cayford 

  • Carol Lloyd

  • Ian Margan

  • Misty Sansom 

  • Phil McDermott 

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